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  • Ashna Shah
    Dietitian and Founder - Eat Right by Ashna

Pre-Wedding Diet and Beauty Regime for the Brides


All the preps for the wedding have started, the big ring on the hand, the designer Lehenga, the heirloom jewelry and the oh so royal treatments around you.

There’s so much to do for wedding planning but in between usually we tend to overlook about our beauty and body regime.

We are here to help you for some quick fixes that you can start a few months before your wedding, camouflaging with your hectic lifestyle to give you that oozing bridal glow and toned body.

  • Avoid salt after 7 PM
  • Have salt free dinners a week before the wedding
  • Have smoothies or yoghurt cereal for dinner
  • Sip on peppermint or chamomile tea throughout the day
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day but not immediately after meals
  • Include potassium rich foods like grapefruits, oranges and bananas as potassium helps in flushing out sodium; thus, reducing water retention
  • Pineapple and papaya are great fruits because they have an abundance of protein digesting enzymes that help in combating gas and bloating
  • Apple cider vinegar can also help

Examine your eating habits, but don’t crash diet or seriously deprive yourself. Cut out salt, dairy, sugar, and bread. Oh, and booze. Sorry! It is all in the name of de-puffing. Eat lots of fruits, dry fruits, lemon juice, coconut water and veggies!



Tips for Haircare:

If your hair is also giving you a hard time then make sure you follow this steps.

  • Our hair needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to be healthy
  • Any deficiency can lead to hair loss, so brides who are planning to go on crash diets, remember that!
  • Some foods that are good for hair growth are eggs, seafood, chicken, beans, nuts, grains, milk, cheese, rajma, soybeans, spinach and whole grains

So make sure to include more of these in your diet!

Food that should be eaten to avoid bloating –

  • Avoid Beans like Kidney Beans, Lime Beans etc. which are difficult for the body to digest
  • Say no to Cold Drinks, eating Chewing Gum, Cabbage and get rid of packaged foods as they have lot of preservatives
  • Say no to Sodium enriched food which leads to water retention and bloating
  • And mainly drink lots of water


Tips for Bridal Glow

  • Antioxidants from Fruits and Veggies are the best to work with. Include one each day from 3 months and the results are automatically seen
  • Fish & Avocados give that extra potential dose of Omega 3 fatty acids which retains the luster
  • Lemon Water always comes to the rescue too

 D-Day tips:

  • On your wedding day have a super healthy breakfast that will keep you full for a long time like peanut butter on toast, sandwich, or smoothie
  • Also whenever you have the time fit in a light lunch like dal rice or curd rice
  • Make sure that your bridesmaid keeps a few easy too much things handy like granola bars, nuts and dark chocolate

These points, tips and tricks will definitely make your pre-wedding routine sorted if you follow it to the T.

But most importantly, remember to drink lots of water, have proper good night’s sleep and keep a smiling face, because that’s the real key to your beauty.



  • ashna-shah_dp
  • Ashna Shah
    Dietitian and Founder - Eat Right by Ashna

    Eat Right by Ashna, gives personalized meal plans for weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, pregnancy and post pregnancy diet and also, diet meal as per medical issue. Moreover, she designs individual, customized bridal diet charts that not just focuses on right weight goals but also takes care for healthy skin and hair.


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