The importance of getting “fit” or staying fit these days, is stressed upon quite often as a result of sedentary lifestyles, polluted environment, unhealthy food, irregular sleeping patterns and more number of people suffering with metabolism and lifestyle-related disorders like obesity, hypertension, PCOS, diabetes etc.

Eating right, doing required physical activity or staying “healthy” - Fitness is basically a long term action plan and may require appropriate guidance and customization with respect to an individual’s age, body type, lifestyle, profession etc. With lot of diet and exercise regimen options available today, it is important to know and choose what would work best for you and your fitness and then of course getting started with it.

Common Issues in Fitness

Suggest diet plan to improve my digestive system

I want to improve my digestive system. Please suggest diet plan for that.

I had unprotected sex, took an ipill but have not got periods yet

i had met Improtectedsex with my bf on Aug-5 and after sex i taken o i-pill tablet after sex... Still now i did nt recieved my periods...

OoWomaniya is a much needed platform for today's Indian women

OoWomaniya is a much needed platform for today's Indian women. It's a platform where I can get answers of all those small questions...

Discuss with Experts

Dr. Nidhi  Desai | OoWomaniya

Dr. Nidhi Desai

Women's Health Counselor

Dr. Bhavi  Mody | OoWomaniya

Dr. Bhavi Mody

Homeopathy Consultant

Khyati Rupani | OoWomaniya

Khyati Rupani

Dietitian & Nutritionist

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