Interpersonal relationships are crucial to the core of one’s well-being. One’s interaction and equation with their family, friends, couples, colleagues and peer group plays an important role in their holistic wellness. At OoWomaniya, we have witnessed females venting their heart and emotions related to their relationship concerns with their partners, spouses, children, in-laws, colleagues etc.

Relationships may often bear the brunt of jet-setting lifestyles and changed socio-economic dynamics. Many a times, critical and impending relationship concerns faced by number of people in our society, are left unheard, neglected due to lack of communication and understanding. Unlike, physical health concerns, there can’t be always a scientific or universally relevant clinical advice or a single viable solution applicable to relationship issues. Relationship concerns need to be heard out and can be counseled or solved, by keeping in mind an individual’s ability to manage the conflicts in relationships, the background of an individual, the mindset and the environment around people involved in a particular relationship.

Common Issues in Relationships

My close female friend is looking for counseling, she is in a big problem

Mam I am student teaching in thane i am a boy and my close female friend is suffering with great problem which can't be explained...

Is oversleeping related to stress or I am just procrastinating

Hello, I feeling really stressed out. I am oversleeping and because of which I am missing my office a lot. I got a warning letter...

7 years of marriage and hardly any physical intimacy

HI, i am leading an excellent married life (7 years ) where my husband loves me like crazy, cares for me and my family, everything...

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Tejal Thakore

Mental Health Counselor

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Reupah Philips

Mental Health Counselor

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