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Girlfriend is not getting period since last 3 months, pregnancy test is negative

My girlfriend is not getting period from last three months and we have done pregnancy test and results are negative but still I'm scared. Why this much delay

I and my girlfriend had sex in morning after that she took ipill

i and my gf had sex on 1st dec early mg and on 3rd night she had ipill, after 2 hours she vomitted does it work, and on 14th december she had periods which lasted for 3 days with high medium and low flow of blood, is there any chances of pregnency?

Had an ipill on 6th day of period, spotting on 30 Nov

Hello dr.,I m Divya, I took I-pill on 25nov, on the 6th day of my period, and had bit spotting on 30 nov and 1 nov..why this is happening..I had sex first time..pls tell me I so much in worry

My period blood is brown, should I be worried?

I got brown blood period with no red blood. Should I be worried?

Vaginal burning and pain not healed after 2 years, can I use vaginal pessaries

To anita shukla mam, Mam mere symptoms change nahi ho rahe hai 2saal baad bhi veginal pain burning ane stickey white discharge toh mai kya karu also pain and burning while urine passes toh kya karu mai koi madicine Mam mai bitadine veginal pessaries use kar sakti hu aur yeh std hai samaj nahi aa raha...

I and my girlfriend had sex 12 days ago, scanty bleeding during periods

We had sex before 12 days but now during her periods there is no bleeding only some gel type liquid is coming without blood . Rarely a teaspoon of blood has been bleed yet. Is she pragnent?

Had protected sex, delayed period and dealing with work stress

Madam, I am a 25 years old girl and I’m facing some serious issue regarding my period from last month. Last month my period happened a bit earlier like 7 days and bleeding was heavy and I faced a huge pain during that time. After two days of stop bleeding, I had sex with my partner with protection...

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