First day of periods is nightmare have extreme pain and weakness

  • 5 years ago

First day of the periods is a nightmare. Extreme pain. I have been also admitted 5 times due to low blood pressure and acidity vomiting during those critical 4-5 hours . I am perfectly fine after 4-5 painful hours. But the pain during that phase is unbearable. The pain is at its peak when the periods are beginning on the first day.Weakness continues for 3 days. Today I am 23. Each and every checkup and test have been normal . Consulted a lot of gynecologists. Got just one answer that the problem will be solved after marriage or 1st pregnancy. I still have minimum 3-4 years before I get married. I take Pause-MF since about 2 years but find it to be a very heavy drug. I do not have any option but to take it due to unbearable pain during the critical hours on the first day. My hemoglobin count is 8-9. Iron tablets I avoid as they have their own side effects. Suggest me some good remedies to increase my level of hemoglobin and cure to my extreme pain.

  • Dr. Nidhi  Desai | OoWomaniya
  • Dr. Nidhi Desai
    Womens Health Counselor
6 months ago

Painful period is very distressing. It could be because of a reason unknown or the one which can be diagnosed. Taking anti spasmodic medicines before the pain onsets is a good idea. Also,you can go for further investigations if these episodes happen more frequently. In my experience the intensity of pain goes subsequently down as you age and doesn't have much to do with marriage or intercourse. Your haemoglobin level is alarmingly low and can give you hair and skin problems also. With newer sustain release iron tablets the complications are fewer and sometimes none. Natural sources of iron are dates, prunes, lentils, dark leafy vegetables like spinach, figs, walnuts. Regular exercising and yoga involving abdominal exercise is very helpful. It regularises the flow and over the time reduces pain also. Hope this information is helpful to you.

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