Hello doctor, I see people taking up GM diet

  • 3 years ago

Hello doctor, I see people taking up GM diet for reducing weight drastically. They also say that it is detoxing and feels much better. I am reluctant to take up this bland diet for a week. Is it really good for the body?

  • Khyati Rupani | OoWomaniya
  • Khyati Rupani
    Dietitian & Nutritionist
5 months ago

The GM Diet was designed by a company called General Motors who found their staff was becoming overweight. You shall see it has a lot of western resemblance, though you will lose weight following the GM, what you do all along is what matters the most.
if you start eating normal food and the junk and unhealthy items, the weight will come back, So my advise to you would be look for something permanent, sustainable and practical rather than these temporary diets :)

All the best!

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