I am 27, unmarried and pregnant, can I get abortion by pills

  • 5 months ago

Hi I am a 27 year old and unmarried. I just got to know I am pregnant and I am too scared to approach a gynaec. It happened on 24th of September and I took an ipill but I had missed the deadline by a few hours. I dont have any health issues as such and since it is less than a month I guess I can get an abortion with pills. I took 2 tests, 1 was invalid and another was positive. Can you please guide me on how to go about this. I have an important travel planned next week so can it be done before that? Thank you

  • Dr. Anita Shukla | OoWomaniya
  • Dr. Anita Shukla
    Gynecologist / Obstetrician
5 months ago

Hello! I can understand that you are scared at this point, but I cannot advise you to take the abortion pill without proper examination and guidance; you need to go to the doctor.
If it is an ectopic pregnancy then abortion pills will not help.
Abortion pills are not given over the counter; it is illegal. They can be taken only after a prescription by a Gynecologist.
However, you must go to a Gynecologist who will help you with the termination of pregnancy.
In India, abortions are legal up to 12 weeks with approval from one service provider and beyond 12 weeks to 20 weeks requires the approval of two service providers.

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