My sister is in love with a boy but my parents disapprove of him

  • 3 years ago

My younger sister is in love with a guy who is not well educated and my parents don't approve her relationship due to the boy's educational background as well as his caste. as My sister is not ready to marry some one else and she is in contact with that boy , my parents got angry and they don't allow her to use mobile and go for job , they keep pressurizing her to resign from job. I don't know how to explain my parents not to restrict my sister in such manner and how can my sister make a wise decision? I really don't know how to deal with this situation, plz help

  • Reupah Philips | OoWomaniya
  • Reupah Philips
    Mental Health Counselor
5 months ago

I appreciate your genuine concern for your sister and parents. Logical reasoning could be a possible way to help your parents. However, your sister's stage of life (Blind Love) could have blinded her from logical reasoning. You could possibly ask her to delay her plans, just in order for getting her parents to approve, thereby hoping, if time could help her think or experience differently.
I hope this seems helpful for your situation. All the best.

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