“12 years of Regular Exercise , Yet I’m Not Bored….Here’s Why!” Says Gunjan Thawani


It has been 12 years now since I  cleared my high school and embarked on the journey of health and fitness. I started my journey to shed few extra pounds that I had gained during the high school. As I started losing the weight, I could see oodles of confidence manifesting in me and since then I never stopped.

But these 12 years have not been easy, I have tried each type of program that I came across such as Intermittent Fasting, Crash Diets , Detox Diet etc to burn the fat. You must be thinking if I ever grew tired of working out ,  watching my food etc. To be honest , Yes , I do get tired and overwhelmed sometimes but I never gave up. On the contrary, I just do one simple thing and that is I Listen to My Body.

Yes, this is the key. I do not over train myself because being fit is an ongoing goal and can’t be achieved overnight and I listen to my body cells and behave accordingly. Here are some variants of exercises that I  perform depending on my body mood –

1.Weight training

On the days where you do not have that extra energy levels to do the cardio, then go and grab some weights and work on any 2 muscle groups of your body. Weight training helps you build muscles and keep the fat burning process on even after 24 hours of training. Remember to take a protein-rich diet after a session of weight training to help recover your muscles.

2. Cardio Kickboxing

So had a stressful day and need to release your endorphins then Kickboxing is your rescue for the day. Kickboxing is a high intensity cardio workout that focuses majorly on your leg muscles and burns the most amount of calories. Remember, to stay hydrated post workout.


3. Pilates

On the days where your body is fatigued but you still want to exercise then Pilates is your to-go to workout. Pilates involves slow motioned movements that targets your core and strengthens your muscles. Engage in 30 minutes Pilates move and see your belly shrink in,

4. Yoga

On the days where you are lazy to workout and feel like your body is sore then stretch it out by following some simple Yoga moves to lengthen your body and working on its flexibility, Yoga not only boosts your body metabolism but also gives you a good night sleep.

5. Aquarobics (Aqua Aerobics)

You are a water baby but do not know how to swim ? Do not worry, you can still burn your calories while enjoying the water flow against your body. Aquarobics involves basic exercises such as stretching ,lunges, squats, some cardio interval inside the pool. The flow of water actually makes it less rigorous to perform these moves but mind you the result is worth admiring.

6. TRX training / Suspension training

This workout can be done at home on the days where you are not ready to face the world and just want to be in your own space. TRX training is the most effective workout form that gives a defined shape to your muscles while setting the fat cells on fire.

So now you know, that incorporating different forms of exercise keeps the monotony at bay and helps me achieve my fitness goal while listening to my body. So, next time whenever you feel demotivated , remember you have plenty of forms to choose from.


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  • Gunjan   Thawani
    Educator and Fitness Enthusiast

    Gunjan Thawani is an educator who approaches life optimistically. She is an avid reader and a fitness enthusiast who emphasizes on the well-being of one’s mind to live a balanced life. Gunjan loves nature and often travels to learn about different type of cultures.


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