15 Lifestyle Changes To Reverse Thyroid Disorder


Thyroid is becoming the most common health issue in India. 1 in every 10 has thyroid disease and its more prevalent in women. Thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland located in the throat region. This organ is an essential organ which produces the thyroid hormone which maintains our metabolism. Thyroid disease could be due to under active or an over active thyroid gland. They are also referred to as hypo thyroidism and hyper thyroidism.

A recent study proved that most patients with thyroid disease also have a prolonged Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is not only a vitamin but a raw material for the production of different hormones. Primarily, it helps in maintenance of normal levels of calcium and phosphorus. Multiple health issues like osteoporosis, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, asthma, pregnancy complications etc. have been directly related vitamin D deficiency.

Currently, most of the lifestyle related diseases can be reversed by adapting small consistent changes in our habits. Thyroid disease is also one such which could be reversed by incorporating a few changes in our lifestyle one at a time. Below are a few changes you could start with.

  1. Get enough Vitamin D

Get enough sun exposure for at least 30 minutes without sunscreen. If you are severely deficit then start supplementation.

  1. Remove all Processed Foods from your diet

Stay away from any ready to eat snacks or packaged foods. Eat more natural foods.

  1. Exercise but don’t overdo it

Strenuous exercise will increase your inflammation. So it’s better to stick to Yoga, Pilates, Light weight training.

  1. Take probiotics everyday
  2. Reduce caffeine consumption
  3. Eat Sea Salt instead of the refined salts
  4. Include saturated fats in your diet like organic ghee, organic butter and coconut oil
  5. Cook goitrogenic vegetables before eating like –

Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, mustard greens should be cooked before eating when eaten raw they suppress the thyroid function (in case of hyper thyroid function)


  1. Include Sea foods and Sea vegetables in your diet (in case of hypo thyroid function)
  2. Include Omega 3 rich foods in every meal for example meat of chicken, duck, lamb or ghee, organic eggs, fish etc. If you are a vegetarian consider supplementation.
  3. Use healthy cookware. Avoid using cookware’s that coating on them. They might leach chemicals into your foods.
  4. Heal your gut regularly. Do a detox diet at least 3 months once
  5. Take fermented foods in your diet on a regular basis
  6. De-stress: Stress comes in all forms and de-stressing is equally important
  7. Use unprocessed dairy products

It might be over whelming to start so many things at once.

However, Start 1 change a week and by the end 15 weeks you would have changed a major part of your diet and lifestyle.



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  • Anitha Narayanamurthy
    Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist

    Founder of ILoveFood, based in Bengaluru, Karnataka


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