5 ‘ Diet ‘ Foods Which Are Said To Be Healthy But Are Not


Do you often pick diet foods which look healthy to you?

Are you influenced by the packaging and advertisements which keep doing rounds on social media and our same old TV? Then hold on we have some bad yet honest news for you.

What if I told you all that seems healthy and “good for you’’ is simply a marketing gimmick and a way to sell XYZ Product? Yes it’s true and not recommended to be included in healthy diet for women.

The packaging and marketing is good enough to mask in all the additives and most importantly ‘illegitimate ingredients which are added to make the product appealing.

So it’s time to know the truth and not get lured by the tall claims made by various companies in fitness domain by the infamous weight loss industry to sell a particular product.

1.Flavored Yogurt- While plain yogurt is considered to be a good source of calcium; flavored yogurts are a big no no. Reason flavored yogurts are laden with loads of sugar and food colors which snatch away all the nutrients and simply leave you with excess of sugar. All the more your cup of flavored yogurt does not contain actual fruits; it is simply an extract or dried version of the same.

2. Packaged fruit juices- The only ingredient you would get to taste when you drink a pack of fruit juice is Sugar. Laden with sugar these fruit juices simply give you a dose of extra sweetness. The fiber of the fruit is killed ruthlessly and the only thing left behind is concentrated sugary-liquid. The heat treatment is enough to kill all the nutrients available in the fruit. Hence till now if you have been drinking a pack of fruit juice thinking it’s healthy, then stop right away. Fresh fruits are a better bet.


3. Protein Bars-Again a product which has been marketed as highly healthy and nutritious, but unfortunately isn’t as healthy as it seems. Forget about protein, it is definitely a storehouse of sugar and unwanted calories which leave you craving for even more sugar. All the more in has additives and preservatives which make it nothing less than a sugar-candy. Read the nutrition labels before you purchase a protein bar.

4. Ready to eat Oatmeal-You would say oats is highly nutritious and rich in fiber, so what’s wrong in consuming the same? The problem is addition of extra sugar and sodium in the ready to eat versions, which no longer keep your bowl of oats healthy. A better option is to purchase steel cut or rolled oats without pre-added flavors and prepare it the way you like.

 5. Rice cakes-These seem to have become a part of the modern day diet and are especially preferred by individuals who are on a weight loss spree. However there is some bad news again; Rice cakes are simply carbs with excess of sodium, sans any other nutrients. In short you can say that its carb dense and contains more carbs than a potato. A potato which ideally weighs around 170 gms has 23 percent carbs whereas a rice cake weighs 9gms and has 80 percent of carbs.So in short eating half a potato is a better option than consuming a rice cake.



  • Huda Shaikh
  • Huda   Shaikh
    Founder and Director at Nutri Bond

    NutriBond is an online healthcare centre where the diets are planned keeping in mind the Lifestyle ,Nutritional needs and Medical issues.Being a clinical nutritionist and dietician I myself am passionate about eating right and believe to be healthy it is important to consume a well balanced diet and top it up with some exercise.


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