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Aquatic Themed Food Plating Hack for Feeding Fruits and Veggies to Fussy Kids – by Sonam Jain, The Magic Platter


Children can be fussy eaters and it becomes sometimes difficult for moms to ensure that their kids eat fruits and veggies necessary for holistic nutrition. Here are 5 food art platters depicting the sea world theme to make healthy food look fun and palatable for children.

Taking your kid to the city aquarium can be difficult as not all the cities offer such facility.  But if you want to induce a fun aided teaching as a smart mom then you might as well wear your creative chef hat.

  1. The croissant lobster


Made from croissant, some fruits like strawberries, apples and grapes. And some cucumbers.

Perfect for toddlers to develop the habit of snacking on fruits along with their favorite croissant.

  1. The croissant crab


As the name says it made from croissants and salad veggies like tomato and carrots.  A perfect snack for evening. You can also add cucumber, lettuce, sprouts to this.

  1. The yum octopus dip


A dip made of Greek curd flavoured with herbs, basil and oregano. Some salt and pepper added for zing.

Place the carrots as depicted in the picture and make a perfect evening snack or a complimentary snack with soups and enjoy the dip.

  1. The grape fish


A cute fish made of sweet green grapes that swims in the aquatic platter which offers radish, broccoli and cucumber. Fun activity to munch such healthy veggies and enjoy the pictorial story.

  1. The Butter Toast Jelly fish


Remember the toast we love to dip with tea.  But this time we snack it out in a creative way.  Made two huge jelly fishes using butter toast and cheese as main ingredients.  I have used strawberries and boiled chanas also here.


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