Causes behind Repeated Pregnancy Loss – Recurrent Abortion


Recurrent Abortion is defined as a sequence of 3 or more consecutive Pregnancy Loss / series of Abortion .

It’s a condition of frequent pregnancy loss in early or later pregnancy. The patient goes through immense physical and emotional trauma which is the irony here.

The condition may be primary or secondary.

The causes are complex, difficult, multi-factorial. These causes may be also recurrent or non-recurrent and multiple in nature. The causes are different in First Trimester (up to 12 weeks) and Second Trimester (up  to 24  weeks).

First Trimester Causes –

1. Genetic Factors – Parental Chromosomal Abnormalities can never lead pregnancy to go further.

2.Hormonal and Metabolic disorders – Poorly Controlled Diabetes, Thyroid Disorders, Progesterone Hormone deficiency, PCOD ( excessive LH (Lutenizing hormone))

3. Infection – TORCH , Syphilis, STI, Chlamydia, Malaria, HIV, Brucella and few more can affect the fetus and result in abortion

4. Auto Immune disorders – The Mother’s body reacts with certain Immunity and doesn’t allow the fetus to grow further . e.g. APA , LA

5. Bad Lifestyle – Substance abuse of Alcohol , Tobacco, Smoking , excessive starvation and many more unhealthy life style

6.Unknown Causes – Majority


Second Trimester Causes –

Congenital Anatomic abnormalities as Septum Uterus , Bicornuate – Double Uterus , Short Cervix , Intra Uterine Adhesions , Uterine Fibroids don’t allow to proceed pregnancy beyond 24 weeks.

Treatment –

The Management of Recurrent Abortion is mainly on particular cause which is involved. Certain Investigations as Karyotyping (Genetics), Blood test, Ultrasound , HSG & Radiology are very crucial.  It might be a single cause or multiple ( more than one cause ) in one particular patient.

Medical, surgical & hormonal treatment is required accordingly. Lifestyle modification, holistic health , spiritual positivity  can help to cope up with recurrent pregnancy loss.

Ancient Ayurveda –

Medical Management – Shaman Chitkisha, Panch Karma , Detoxification – Uttar Basti (Medicated Intra Uterine Lavage) , Rasayana and Garbh Sthapan treatment is also useful.



  • dr-princy-joseph-leonard
  • Dr. Princy Joyce Leonard
    Gynecologist & Obstetrician

    She is a qualified Practitioner in Ayurveda, Obstetrics & Gynaecology since last 17 years in Goa and Delhi - NCR. She has a keen interested in Infertility Management with Ancient Indian Ayurveda and Modern Integrated Approach


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