A Woman’s health and her dependency on male counterparts!

Our dear friend and an outspoken womaniya, Mayurika Maya shared a conversation with her neighbor with OoWomaniya. She talks about women’s prevailing dependencies on male counterparts while seeking cure for their health issues. Here’s the conversation in her own words


I met Rashmi in our parking lot the other day. She was sitting there (having a six month old kid in her arms) and I asked her, how have you been? I have seen you after so long!

Rashmi: I am OK. I am suffering from severe toothache.

Mayurika: Ohh! I know it’s too painful. Have you consulted doctor?

Rashmi: No. With these two kids (one of them is a 3 year old) I find it difficult to go to a dispensary. My husband is on a tour. He would come next week. Then I would go for check up.

Mayurika: I think just because of kids and household jobs you may be brushing your teeth too fast. Do you also brush your teeth at night?

Rashmi: Yes. You are right. I get less time. I am always in hurry because of kids and household work.

Mayurika: Rashmi, your gums may be hurt. You may be being harsh on your teeth. As you are not going for check up soon, you would feel more pain!

(Suddenly in between our talk she looked at her son and shouted high saying, “Look Nihaal, I would slap you if you don’t listen to me.” I was struck with her expression!)

Mayurika: You know what? You are not irritated with the kid but with your pain. Don’t throw your frustration at a child. Just pay attention to your health and you will feel better. Are you eating well?

Rashmi: Well, I wish that too but due to little kids I don’t even get enough time to have my food peacefully without disturbance.

Mayurika: OK. Till you consult the doctor, I advise you to brush your teeth twice a day and have good vitamin balanced food.  (I rubbed my finger at her arm to show how much lesser pressure for her teeth is required while brushing. I told her after brushing for 5 minutes and massaging her gums gently, this will help her somewhere in relieving her from suffering. (It was as per my doctor advised me during my gum pain)

This conversation is not about a toothache she suffered but it is the womanly nature to neglect her own health issues due to responsibility and bad time management as well as bad eating habits. As they do play a role as the pillar of a family, in the strength of family building, women must be more careful on such issues. Most of the women suffer toothache in early ages around 30 to 35 as they don’t take dental care very seriously. Their own negligence on their health generate irritating nature and they throw their frustration on family members without understanding the core of the problem.

“To have a happy family, you need be healthy first so that you can be happy enough to spread happiness!”, says Mayurika Maya



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  • Mayurika   Maya
    A Government Officer

    A music enthusiast and an outspoken lady. Mayurika is also a mother of two, who manages her family and professional life.


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