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Effective Ways To Remove Period Stains From Underwear


We have all had that cringing experience of seeing blood stains on our underwear in the morning during menstruation! It’s a gory sight! But science has a solution to everything these days and OoWomaniya has come up with some guaranteed ways to help you clean those blood stains! Keep reading to find out more!

  1. Use only cold water, preferably ice-cold water.     

Cold water is the best for the removal of stains on your underwear after periods. This is normally done by soaking the underwear in cold water for a few hours. The stain can easily be removed by washing the underwear using a soap later.

Caveat : Do not use warm water. It could cause the blood to set in the fabric.

  1. Never try to rub the stain out.               

Many women resort to rubbing the stain from their pants after periods, which is not advisable. Rubbing of the stain makes it more difficult to remove it. Additionally, rubbing the stain makes your underwear to tear easily over time.


  1. Use salt.

Salt is commonly used during the cleaning of pants. Shake a generous amount of salt on the blood stained area. (The cloth should be wet beforehand). Let it sit for an hour and then wash it with cold salt water .Voila! The stain has gone!

  1. Bleach can be the backup plan!               

If nothing works, including hydrogen peroxide, we can resort to a bleaching agent. Bleaching is believed to be the best stain fighting chemical.The bleaching agent is used by soaking the pants in it. After a while, the stains will disappear.

Caveat : Bleaching can cause the colors of the fabric to fade. Often, it is the best practice to test a small inconspicuous area of the fabric to see if it is colorfast or not!

P.S. But who cares if the color of the underwear fades a little as long as there are no blood stains on it!

Try these DIY tips for blood stain removal and let us know in the comment section which ones worked for you!!



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