Exercises That Help Burn Fat Easily And Faster


In a world of fast paced lifestyle people often neglect the health issues which can create long term effects on body. Women with obesity or hormonal disorders like PCOS and Thyroid find it difficult to lose extra weight. This may take a toll on women especially with all sorts of information available everywhere – some facts, some myths.

However, there are some easy ways or form of exercises that can be followed to burn fat faster and increase metabolism.

However, they should be learnt properly from a certified instructor first and then to be incorporated in the routine exercise regime.

1. Pilates– It is great way of exercising which is fun and if done regularly can bring positive results within 15 days. These are simple mat exercises and there are various forms of pilates that can be performed. Some of them are mentioned below –

a)The hundreds– Lie flat on floor; bend your knees to 90 degrees. Tuck your chin and tighten your abdomen. Now maintaining this position, try to make constant butterfly like movements of the arms (moving up and down faster) with inhalation and exhalation counting 5 moves in each cycle. This can be repeated 10 times and can be done slowly initially and then progressing the speed as you count higher.


b) Scissors– Lie flat on a mat, facing the ceiling. Now lift your legs with toes towards the ceiling and move each leg in a manner taking the shape of a scissor, alternately taking one leg down and the other upwards. Along with this movement, tucking in of chin and tightening of the abdomen muscles should be maintained. It should be done twice daily , with a count of 10.

c) Single and Double leg stretch– With the same position as mentioned above, with hands kept at the side of the body , lift up one leg straight upwards and stretch it as much as possible within pain free range , remain in the position for a count of 5 with the other leg on floor. Repeat this with the other leg . Can be performed 10-15 times twice in a day. This helps in toning the thigh muscles and extra fat deposit on sides of pelvic region.



d) Windshift– Again with a flat on floor position. Lift up the legs straight , now widen up both the legs away from each other and then bringing back close to each other. This can be done thrice in a day with a count of 15 each time. It helps reduce inner thigh extra fat deposits and also lower abdomen fats.

e) Criss Cross-Lie flat on a mat facing up, bring both the knees towards chest, both hands folded and kept under the back of your head. Now slowly bring the left side knee towards upper chest and the right shoulder towards the left knee with lifting up the head. Repeat with the other side, for 10 times, rhythmically and without over exhausting your body.



 2. Ball exercises- Nowadays, gym ball or therapeutic balls are available in every sports shop that can be easily bought. Different sizes are also available. A ball that suits the height and weight of your body should be chosen. There are various exercises forms that can be performed with a ball.


a) Crunches- Like a normal crunch move that we perform on floor, just like that try and balance your body with back supported on the ball, knee bent and feet flat on floor. Elbows bent and palms placed under head. Now with balancing the ball and without falling try to lift up your upper body and curl it forward, pelvis on ball and back again come back to normal position. Perform for a count of 10.

b) Trunk side rotation-Lie flat on the ball, extend both the hands, clench your fists locked with each other. Now try to move, twisting your spine from one side to the other, without losing control off the gym ball. This helps reduce side trunk flab.


c) Side leg moves-Lie on your left side on a mat, keep the gym ball within both the legs. Now balancing the ball, move the legs up and down. Do this for 10 times.

3. Dance/Aerobics- This one is mostly liked by all ladies. It is a fun way of slimming down your body. With music on , performed in morning and evening, this can prove to be the best form of exercising.

4. Mat exercises- As of the traditional methods, push ups and lunges are also great help for fat reduction. It works better if performed in open area , in a park or backyard.

5. Walking- Everyone knows the benefit of walking. No other exercise can best beet the effects of walking. Everyday walk for at least 30 minutes works with burning calories easily and maintaining a good weight.

These are some of the new and easy fat burning methods which can be done by all the needy ladies who want to have that great toned body within just a month. With proper diet and hygiene , every women can achieve a beautiful and strong body as beauty lies within yourself.



  • dr-shakti-mishra
  • Dr. Shakti   Mishra
    Fitness Expert, Nutritionist, Physiotherapy, Yoga Practitioner


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