5 Dreaded Experiences Girls Face While Traveling Abroad During Their Periods


Periods are a perfectly normal natural process that come by like an uninvited guest every month. We are accustomed to the five to seven days torture of our own making by now. The worst of all is when you have to carry it off to abroad.

Here, are 5 dreaded experiences of being on your periods while traveling abroad:

  1. The extra baggage, oh the extra baggage!

The added baggage is always a bother while traveling abroad. The already set baggage limit and the atrocity of paying extra for going over the limit by just a bit is the stuff of nightmare. Add pads/tampons/menstruation cups, extra underwear, clothes, at times sheets to the already overweight baggage and there you have it; the doom that is packing for the trip as you travel with Ms. Flo.

  1. The Toilet Paper vs. Water Debacle

An issue with almost every Desi traveling abroad, the matter becomes even more pressing when Ms. Flo’s home. We need WATER! Doing away with a toilet paper is often quite tedious, messy and most of all, uncomfortable.

  1. The torturous flight to doom

Flight to doom indeed. Long flights and periods simply do not work. God forbid, you get the middle seat, huddled between that foreign man who just wouldn’t stop drinking and the annoying woman who is on her fourth glass of whisky by now. Thank god for in-flight movies and chocolates!


  1. Cravings you simply can’t control

It’s no man’s land when the cravings keep coming. This one’s for those achar and khichdi loving souls whose desi cravings are at their peak while abroad. Those pickles simply don’t make the cut.

  1. Discarding the ‘evidence’

Period stains are a major hassle at times. Let me paint a picture here : you’re at a hostel, on a budget, no matter how careful you are, you wake up to find a stain on that clean white hostel bedsheet. You can either give it up for laundry or wash it yourself. Either way, you are forced to pay that extra fine for the stained sheet. Using your own sheet is another option. Carrying around multiple bed sheets though is never a good idea. Washing it off, is one tedious task. It’s a loop you just can’t escape.

But, you know what the best part about this is? It’s you, heading on, despite these experiences to give yourself what you deserve: The trip of a lifetime with never ending stories to share.

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