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Five Tips for Stress-free and Mindful Pregnancy


Pregnant woman are used to getting lot of advice during their pregnancy, some advice is useful, some is unsolicited and some piece of advice can be just myths passed on from one generation to another. Then how to decide what is the best for you and your baby during this phase? We have few tips for you that might help you.

  1. Attend prenatal yoga classes 

In addition to the camaraderie of women who are also going through the same life changing experience as you, prenatal yoga classes can be extremely beneficial in preparing women for pregnancy on an emotional and physical level.

  1. Your breath is your best friend

Our breath — that pranic energy that propels us in life and keeps the body strong — is essential to a conscious pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Try this meditation, called the So Hum Meditation, to help you relax:

Sit in a comfortable position with eyes closed. You will recite the Mantra, “So Hum” (I am that). You will plug into the flow of your life, your pregnancy, and the space of growing your baby. This will help you find your center and resolve anxiety. Use a pillow or a bolster to elevate your hips above the knees.

Try this pranayama exercise, called Sitali breath, to calm the mind:

Sit in a comfortable position with eyes closed. Stick out your tongue and roll it into a tube lengthwise. Inhale over the tube tongue. Keeping the tongue extended, exhale slowly and deeply through the nose. This breath helps to sooth and release hot emotions like irritation, shame, and anger. Send the breath into your baby’s home, fully filling the diaphragm with each inhale.

  1. Make conscious, informed choices

Understanding your choices and feeling empowered and educated leading up to your birth is critical to getting the outcome you choose.


  1. The minimalist mama: why so much stuff? 

Having a mom, sister, or best friend host a baby shower for a first-time mom is almost a rite of passage into the world of being a parent, because we need so much stuff before this little person enters the world, right?

Instead of registering for gifts before the birth and getting stuck with a lot of items that may not be needed, consider asking friends and family for money to help cover costs of a postpartum doula to help you adjust post-pregnancy. Or ask friends to cook meals or help with house cleaning, allowing you opportunity to get much-needed rest and more bonding time with your baby.

  1. Find like-minded women 

It’s easy to get sucked into how society tells us to give birth and raise children, but the key to staying true to yourself is to surround yourself with like-minded people who can support you and your choices from a neutral perspective.

A mindful pregnancy and birth is possible. Ultimately, trust your instincts about what you and your baby need for a conscious and positive experience.

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