If Having “No-Time” is your Excuse – Here’s A Full Body Workout Option with Chair by Kanchi Shah, Fitness Expert


You don’t always need to have fancy equipment around you to exercise.

Kanchi Shah, Zumba fitness instructor, choreographer, dancer shares exercises that you can perform in the comfort and privacy of your home if you are time bound and still want to give your body a much-needed work-out.

Here, in this video Kanchi shares chair exercises for a full body workout. So go! Grab that chair! 🙂

1. Wide Squats – this exercise improves body balance and posture, great for toning thighs

2. Tricep Dip – it exercises arms, triceps and legs at the same time

3. Scissors on the chair and variations of this movement – it works on your core muscles (abdomen and back muscles), tones the tummy

Check out the video!




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