Deevya Doshi’s Fitness Journey Beyond Weight Loss To Becoming A Yoga Expert


I’ve always been overweight since my childhood. The struggle with weight loss is an on-going process. It’s goes on because it is matter of a tweaking the whole lifestyle.

I got married when I was 21 years old. I literally weighed 85-90 kilos back then! It comes as a shock to me whenever I look at my wedding pictures.

My mom was the one who got me my first ever makeover and weight loss. For next 3 months, my mother got me on a strict diet and exercise (it wasn’t easy though). She monitored every bit of my intake and pushed me towards a good fitness regimen. I managed to lose 13 kilos!

I definitely looked pretty but that wasn’t it. I am a mom of 2 children. My son is 12 years old and my daughter is 7 years old as of now. In the process of motherhood, I gained back the pregnancy weight and literally went through severe back problems which came with my first born. I was prescribed antibiotics and felt sick each time as it would hurt me so bad that I could hardly walk.

In the process, I decided to strengthen my back first as that was the primary thing to do so that I could resume my cardio workouts. The stress of motherhood, back problem and most of all my extra weight got me more into stress. My hormonal imbalance triggered me each time.

Yoga became my key to survival and has helped me in every aspect of my life, mentally and physically.

I started practicing yoga in 2006. The benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation. My lower back pain literally disappeared. I moved on to study more regarding yoga as I could witness several changes in the state of my mind and body. It wasn’t easy though. Because when your body is sore, injured during practice you just feel like giving up. It is a long process and one has got to believe to change externally the change has to come internally first.

My hubby is another motivational person I’ve been seeing while growing up in life. I have tried to develop the same kind of interest in fitness into my children too. They started practicing yoga and exercising when they were hardly 3 years old.


There is a certain kind of lifestyle one needs to adapt to procure the change and it’s got to be consistent. You can’t expect your body to turn out the way you want it in an aggressive way by bringing sudden temporary changes.

You have to put in effort, have patience, be consistent, love yourself and more importantly feed yourself the clean healthy food and sleep well. Early to bed, early to rise makes everyone healthy wealthy and wise. This adage is so true. Yoga was not only thing I did, I love to dance, cycling, brisk walking and doing strength training at the gym.

I believe in a body which has got strength, stamina and flexibility. Choose what makes you happy and don’t go where everyone else moves, prioritize your choices. You can succeed with your Plan A!

As we grow, we go through several changes with every passing year. I had my knee surgery in 2017 which got me so down. Again, I had to move and resume surviving in the best condition. It will never be easy but you just need to train the mind and love your body to fight against the odds.

The universe has been extra kind to me. Gratitude is the prime factor. Learn to always be grateful and ask the Mother Nature to support you lovingly. Such affirmations, goals and dreams are only possible when you execute them with humility towards yourself.

Lastly, always learn to let go: – The things that don’t serve you right. Forgive so that you can live right. Love yourself more each day!  Life is good. Dream big to live them one day. Be grateful and live strong!

A good healthy life is not how good you look but is how you live!




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  • Deevya   Doshi
    Yoga Practitioner and Fitness Enthusiast

    Deevya practices and teaches Yoga to adults and children and fitness is a way of life for her.


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