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    A Parenting blogger aka Simple Indian Mom. A doctorate in Agricultural Microbiology and a Certified Mindful Parenting Consultant

Hypothyroidism (A Thyroid Disorder) – How I Win It On A Daily Basis



  • Fatigue
  • Constipation,
  • Dry skin,
  • Weight gain,
  • Puffy face,
  • Increased sensitivity to cold,
  • Hoarseness in voice,
  • Muscle weakness and muscle aches
  • Higher blood cholesterol level,
  • Joint pains,
  • Heavier than normal and irregular menstrual periods,
  • Thinning hair,
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Depression

The above are some of the conditions I deal with on a daily basis. It was when I was around 18 years old that I suddenly put on weight. It was so sudden that one day I was my lean self and when I got up the next day I had become suddenly plump and shapely!

I do remember the lavender suit I was wearing and looking into the mirror and wondering what could have gone wrong (or right- because my bony structure seemed filled up J)

A series of tests and investigations finally indicated – Thyroid Imbalance – A condition that looked simple at the periphery and all that was needed was to consume a synthetic thyroid hormone – a small tablet every day.

Symptoms and Growing Concern

The first few years did seem quite fine however as time elapsed I could feel that I was not as active and sportive as I used to be. There was a change in the way I started seeing life totally.

I could easily become irritated or sluggish, I could see a whole lot of hair fall off, I could feel the pain in my joints which was never there earlier, and many other such symptoms continued.

I had then resorted into seriously study about this – Hypothyroidism and what were its repercussions to the body.

The Basics Of Hypothyroidism

If I need to tell a layman (or woman since we are the ones mostly affected more than men) Hypothyroidism is caused when your thyroid gland does not secrete enough hormone.

Thyroid hormone is very important because it has an overall effect on your body – especially the overall metabolism and your heart beat.

You can very easily see its effect on five aspects

  1. Weight control
  2. Menstruation
  3. Skin
  4. Hair
  5. Voice

The above 5 are immediately affected. I know there is serious concern connecting thyroid malfunction and childbirth – and believe me in all the studies I did – there seemed to be a connection. Somehow I seemed to have escaped the child birth problem, however many women still face that problem.

However with growing time (almost 20 years now) I could feel my joints ache, heart go slow, BP reducing ( I need a lot of salt to maintain my BP) and my scalp almost exposed.

Hypothyroidism –How I Won It

Given Below are some of the approaches are time tested by me personally and if followed is very effective.

  1. Medication and How To Take It

If you are a new entrant to the hypothyroidism family the first thing you need to know is – NEVER MISS MEDICATION.

The medicine is actually a synthetic hormone and it needs to be taken early in the morning. An optimum time to take the tablet is 4 to 5 ‘O’ clock in the morning.

The time is important because after taking the medication in empty stomach – you need to let it be absorbed into your system and begin working. This takes a minimum of 2  hours. If you take any other beverage such as tea or coffee immediately after your medicine – the medicine would join the digestive pathway thorough which the beverage goes and be lost in the process.

You may actually lose some of the desired effect.

  1. Never Miss Out On Workout

I workout at home – be it Leslie walk or 20 minute fat burn exercises – I make sure I never miss out on them.

This is important because a lower thyroid hormone hinders with your overall metabolism – work out is the best way to boost your metabolism. Weight loss or no weight loss – Just keep up with your exercise regime.

You will actually see positive results – from release of happy hormones to decrease in fatigue.


  1. Keep An Eye On Your Diet

If you have hypothyroidism, just stay away from the cabbage family of vegetables. Say No to cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli and so on – which reminds me – I just have totally forgotten how these veggies used to taste.

Man! 20 years is a long time – and to remember I used to love cabbage subji my mom makes ….hmm.

Apart from that make sure to keep your diet balanced, lots of water and loads of veggies. Add greens on a daily basis. I take Moringa powder and wheat grass powder daily. I also take sunflower seeds for snack and pumpkin seeds before going to bed to induce sleep.

  1. Excretory System – The Key To Your Health

I know this may sound odd but it is important to cleanse your colon.

Since greens are added to your diet and fibre from fruits you consume do help, if you are affected with hypothyroidism you do need to take that extra step.

Chia seeds, Isabgol or trifala powder- make any of these a lifestyle inclusion. I am a great fan of chia seeds and make some kheer or faluda of it and consume daily.

In fact chia seeds do give me a filling feeling so I do not hog up on snacks. I take chia seeds after tea in the evening so the hunger pangs are controlled and they are given around 12 hours to work through the intestine.

  1. Skin and Hair Care

Devise and follow a separate skin and hair care regime. I know you are looking into the screen with disbelief – but believe me, you soon are going to get a lot of hairfall and your skin is simply going to dry out – especially the skin on your limbs.

You can follow regular hot oil massage for your hair, add some home made hair masks that soften your hair and condition it. I use spirulina powder with coconut oil on a regular basis, there is quite good control on the hair fall.

For skin – keep it hydrated, moisturised and toned with a lot of love.

Make sure to follow a set skin care regime and give extra nourishment from the exterior. Skin absorbs easily through the pores so you can easily nourish it with your choice of oils and creams.

I use spirulina powder mask once a week for my face and hands. It has worked wonders to keep my skin looking taunt and refreshed so far.

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness

Finally, everything comes down to how much your mind is in your control. Meditate, do mindful breathing and practice mindfulness – this is what keeps you motivated to go through your day.

I have made mindfulness my lifestyle. Every morning begins with a 5 minute mindfulness practice for me and the day ends with a mindful recap and gratitude.

I have reaped quite a lot of benefits from this, so would you too.

Life does pose a lot of troubles –small and big, it is for you to decide whether you accept defeat or win over the. I have successfully won over – how about you?



  • menaka-bharathi
  • Menaka Bharathi
    A Parenting blogger aka Simple Indian Mom. A doctorate in Agricultural Microbiology and a Certified Mindful Parenting Consultant

    Menaka is a Mindfulness Coach and Entrepreneur who has rightly used her education to grow Indian Superfoods and market them under her brand SIM Organics and believes parenting can be simple, easy and happy.


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