Indian Kitchen Wonders – Curry Leaves (Kadi Patta) and the Health Benefits


Curry leaves or kadi patta are easily found in the Indian kitchens and a commonly used ingredient. In south India, no dish is complete without curry leaf, so how many of you know the actual benefits of curry leaves, what are its components,why your mom adds it to your meal? Here it is, take few seconds to read and you get to know a lot.


COMPONENTS: abundant in vitamin A, B, C, B12, E, rich in calcium, iron,phosphates, fiber, best antioxidant, nearly no fat.

Benefits of Curry leaves – 

  • As it is rich in folic acid it improves the hemoglobin percentage in anemic and best during pregnancy to maintain good hb count
  • It fights against diabetes, yes it helps in hyperglycemic condition by lowering the blood sugar levels and the constant use alter the insulin activity in the body.


How to use : best is to eat raw , if not curry leaf powder mixed in buttermilk and taken everyday morning in empty stomach

  • Weight loss and lowering the cholesterol curry leaves are the best, it helps in the digestion and alters the absorption of fat. As it  is packed with antioxidants it prevents oxidation of cholesterol that forms LDL cholesterol thus improves HDL and protects your heart.

How to use:  eat raw, crush few fresh leaves; add to the water and boil it for a minute strain and drink it early in the morning empty stomach.

  • For hair fall and dandruff it makes wonders, as they have specific property of healing wounds and restore hair growth.

It stimulates hair follicles and promotes growth of healthy strands , best for dandruff as it has anti-fungal property.

How to use: curry leaf powder, mix it with coconut oil and apply to scalp regularly.

  • Sharpens the memory, yes it does help in improving memory by incorporating curry leaves in your daily diet so that is why your mom adds it to every dish she prepares.



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