Living the Rest-less Life – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Symptoms and investigation

Since 2018, the cases of chronic fatigue syndrome among my patients have increased compared to 2017 and 2016.

The major symptom of this condition is the constant feeling of tiredness.

Imagine the constant feeling of tiredness for days, months and for several years. You get up and you feel tired, the simplest of the tasks becomes a major effort and the to- do list of day-to-day things never seems to get over. Doing exercise, eating healthy, talking to people, taking bath, washing clothes, cooking food and even drinking 2 litres of water in a day – might look like a job and which we still don’t do it.

Along with muscular fatigue and high salty – spicy craving – a person suffering for chronic fatigue may also experience memory impairment, difficulty to concentrate, disturbed sleep patterns, back pains or bad muscle coordination which makes simple physical tasks difficult.

Headaches are a frequent symptom and allergies and infections are also caused by constant fatigue.

People suffering from constant fatigue – tend to isolate themselves and learn to work in their limited energy.

Modification of lifestyle, eating habits, certain naturopathy therapies have proven to be beneficial in sufferers. Most effective are common sense factors such as rest and avoiding ANTS (Angry negative thoughts).

Chronic fatigue syndrome = the accumulated stress over years + no rest + no sleep + dehydration + junk food


If you feel tired all the time – it’s the first indicator that you are heading towards a major lifestyle disorder such as thyroid.  The involvement of pituitary gland and the hypothalamic part of the brain makes the patients more sensitive to the effects of the chemical serotonin which stimulates the production of prolactin.

Blood tests that can help in understanding chronic fatigue –

The investigation  of chronic fatigue syndrome involves a number of blood tests and urine analysis. No two patients are identical although they all have common symptoms. Some of the common abnormalities found in blood tests in criteria such as elevated immune complexes, elevated immunoglobulin G, elevated anti-nuclear bodies, elevated alkaline phosphatase, elevated cholesterol, elevated lactic dehydrogenase and elevated atypical lymphocyte counts. Increased red cell size distribution, elevated  ESR rates, elevated blood lactic acid and reduced blood cortisol.

Most people who come to me for weight loss , I end up treating them for fatigue, mood swings, headaches, hair fall, dry skin, muscle pain, acid reflux , constipation and disturbed sleep.

Fatigue is the most common persistent symptom of my weight loss patients.  Another is their never ending love for food.  When you see someone eating super spicy food and chanting “I love food” – its not respect towards food – its salty food craving + dehydration + no sleep.

So next time when someone tells you – I am a big foodie, I love food, food is my life and lets order food from xyz restaurant.

Ask them – how’s  your hair fall? Or how much do you sleep ? or how’s your water intake? Do you really feel OK?


Hula Hooping your way to Weight Loss & Fitness

hula hoop for weight loss fitness- atraeyee niharchandra



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