Male Partners Who Disregard a Woman’s Right and Need for Safe Sex is a Daily Struggle


‘With great power comes great responsibility’ is a term all of us are familiar with, thanks to Marvel. But when men say they are biologically more powerful they forget about the responsibilities that come along.

Beliefs that a condom hurts the penis during sex or makes sex less enjoyable, and that contraception endangers men’s health are just some of the wrong and non-scientifically proven perceptions of young women around the world who engage in unprotected sex. A study looked at young women’s experiences of dating men of various age(s), and their perceived risks for gender-based violence, and how this impacted on their health.

This study highlighted the dominance that men still have over women especially in the bedroom mainly expressed through violence, the suppression of women’s individual decision-making-including autonomy over her own body – and the psychological and emotional abuse that women are subjected to.

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Women have struggled with gender violence and the ability to negotiate safe sex since forever. Their fear of violence by men makes them reluctant to negotiate condom use or request that they  be tested for HIV. With regards of family planning also, a women’s decision is not considered. This results into more number of kids in a very young age and since we live in a society where “only women” are supposed to “take care” of a baby/babies, eventually they have to drop out of their jobs or if I use better words, they have to drop out of their personal lives.  And for once even if they decide to take a pills (secretly), it will become a problem after some time because one can’t hide medication.

Sex is for the pleasure of a man – that is the society we come from. Parents even tell women that these are not decisions for them to make. We’ll have to educate women. It is all due to lack of knowledge. Most times they don’t even know they are being victims of abuse. A woman’s entire life is being destined under this pattern of dominance. Dominance is expressed not only through violence, but in ensuring she doesn’t express individual decision making – including autonomy over her own body. Domestic violence has to be considered in full respect of a woman’s rights. It’s the physical, psychological and emotional abuse that impairs their understanding of who they are.


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