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Sex during Periods

sex during periods

Many taboos and myths prevailing in our society might consider women impure during their periods and conventionally restrict sexual intimacy during menstruation; scientifically it is perfectly safe to have sex during your period if both partners are fine with it. It might not be everyone’s choice but it is found that there are people who actually enjoy period sex more than regular sex. So it can be tried by taking proper care.


First of all, both partners should be comfortable with the idea of period sex otherwise it would be a huge turn-off. Also, it is something to be planned beforehand so that it doesn’t gross out anyone while engaging as it would be obviously messier. The alternative to reduce the mess due to menstrual discharge could be use of menstrual cups as it would control the flow. There are some menstrual cups which claim to be designed in such a way that would not be interfering during intercourse and may lead to a hassle-free experience. Both partners might feel it but it would not be uncomfortable. However, it differs from couple to couple when it comes to experience. Also, it is suggested to use a new, empty cup prior to intercourse in order to minimize the leakage.

Secondly, use of protection is absolutely necessary in order to abstain from sexually transmitted diseases and also birth control. It is a myth that you cannot get pregnant during your periods. As far as being pregnant is concerned, there is no 100% guarantee that a woman cannot get pregnant while she is menstruating.

So if you’re avoiding pregnancy, do use protection even while having sex during your periods. As a woman’s cervix is more open during her period, there is a higher risk of infections.

Some women find intercourse during menstruation more as a relief as it releases dopamine and endorphins which are natural painkillers to reduce pain caused by menstrual cramps. Also, it helps to tone down PMS. However, it is better not to indulge into sex if the period is too heavy as it might be extra energy consuming.

Lastly, it is all about personal choice as everyone has different preferences when it comes to being intimate during period. You have other options to explore intimacy with your partner apart from an intercourse that you can choose if you or your partner is not comfortable with having sex during periods. As mentioned above, it is completely safe if YOU are okay with it. Hence, just be relaxed as it is a normal process and can be an experiment if both partners are willing to try.


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