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The Fitness Grail for an Ever-Busy, Multi-tasking Woman


Staying busy, playing multiple roles has become analogous to a woman’s lifestyle. So what next? Do we neglect our health? Of course, no.

This means women need to be careful and must devote some time to self care as well.

Before the day starts –

  1. Sound sleep before going off to work is very important. The recommended 8 hours sleep per night will enhance your memory and learning ability .It will boost your immune system and affect your metabolism, weight, mood and heart health in a good manner.
  2. Breakfast is very essential before starting work. It can be Oats, muesli , yoghurt with nuts and berries or egg with toast and butter, parathas (carbohydrate source) will give you an energetic start to the day.
  3. Sitting on same posture is very common problems among professionals. Good posture reduces the amount of stiffness in the back, neck and shoulders muscles, lowers the risk of injury, body pain issues and allows more oxygen to the brain.

The more time we spend being sedentary, the greater our health risks so we need to move more.

  1. Oral and dental hygiene is equally important. Regular dental checkups, a visit to the dentist and cleaning your teeth with good toothpaste should be a part of your teeth care. Flossing is a good long term practice for dental hygiene.

Here are ten tips to help a busy woman find time for her fitness –

  1. Join a gym close to your home or workplace: This way, there are no excuses regarding how far your gym is. Get a space at the gym for your workout clothes and items so you won’t have to keep lugging gym clothes about.
  2. Get accountable: Workout with friends. This is a great way of making sure you have people to report your progress to, and its fun too.
  3. Workout early in the morning: Get it over with first thing in the morning. Research has shown that early morning workouts make people feel happier than if they postponed it till later. If you are not the one who enjoys gym workouts or traditional yoga – you can explore aerobics, zumba, pilates or a high intensity dance workout. They all contribute to amping up stamina, calorie burning, strength and overall fitness.
  4. Take long walks: It is recommended that one should walk at least 10,000 steps a day. You could opt for the bus on certain days, and take advantage of the walking distance between your bus stop and the office/home.
  5. Do little workouts throughout the day: Schedule or plan your workouts throughout the day. Then do these little by little as the opportunity comes. You can take quick jogs around, pace back and forth, do a quick 60-second plank. Find pockets of time in the morning before work, during lunch, and in the early evening after you get back from work.ask-a-dietician-prompt
  6. Workout during weekends: Saturday mornings are great for working out. Maximize the free time that you get on weekends by getting in a few workout sessions and your body will thank you for it.
  7. Make the most of your lunch break: One hour is a really long time to spend eating one meal. Why not move around, take the stairs, do a few on the spot exercises like lunges, planks etc.
  8. Track what you are eating: Control the calories you take in by replacing beverages with water and snacks with fruit. Eat only when hungry, not when you are bored. Plan your lunch. One way of doing is by packing healthy meals from home. Unplanned lunches mostly consist of convenience foods or junk food which are often unhealthy. Keep only healthy foods at your office, like fruit, oatmeal granolas, vegetables and nuts. Also, consider a healthy meal delivery program. If  you tend to forget, maintain a diary or excel sheet where you can keep a log on when and what do you eat.
  9. Learn how to turn down food:  If you are offered junk food perhaps because of a little celebration at the office, turning it down will do you a lot of good and keep temptation away from you. At business dinners, be mindful of what you eat – make sure you select only healthy food, non-processed food regardless of what your colleagues are eating.
  10. Set goals: Having a target helps you to be consistent and focused. So with enough hard work and commitment, before you know it, you would have achieved your target weight or size.



  • neha-suryawanshi
  • Neha Suryawanshi
    Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist


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