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Why Carbs are Not the Cause of Your Weight Gain


Carbohydrates or popularly called as “Carbs” are in the limelight for all wrong reasons. Due to the increasing popularity of Atkins and Keto diet, carbs are being blamed for contributing in weight gain. Many dieticians and diets suggest cutting down carbs and increasing the intake of protein or fat.

However, the good news is that it is not the carbs that contribute in weight gain. In a recent article by Simon Hill, who is a qualified expert and passionate about making nutritional information simply says, “Carbs are not the cause of our weight gain – being in a calorie surplus is. Any food can cause us to gain weight if we consume too many calories! So, while eating an abundance of carbs may lead to weight gain, it is not the carbs in themselves that are to blame. I think it finally time we stop demonizing carbs and blaming them for our extra fat.”

The idea is to have a balanced intake of food. When there are excess calories in our body that isn’t consumed, we gain weight. If we eat low-calorie food or fruits and vegetables, we cut down calories and hence, the stored calories get used up, helping our weight loss. Hill adds, “First, it’s important to understand the basic science of weight loss and gain. If we are consuming more calories than we are burning, we are in a ‘calorie surplus’, we are giving the body more energy than it is burning and thus can gain weight. Losing weight is as simple as creating a ‘calorie deficit’, whereby we are consuming fewer calories than we are burning per day. When we are in a calorie deficit, our body’s requirement for energy surpasses the number of calories we’re feeding it, thus making it naturally utilize stored sources of energy.”

Having explained it, this doesn’t mean that staying in constants period of low-carb diet or being deficit of it is healthy. In long run, it may not help us with cardiovascular disease. Therefore, carbs should be welcomed – just in the right quantity and right food.

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