Why Weight and Cravings are Connected? On Emotions, Cravings and Weight Loss


Why weight and cravings are connected?

Emotions, cravings, digestion of food and weight issue. Most people who come for diet – when I ask them their routine the most common answer that I get to hear is “ I eat everything healthy…..still I put on weight”.

SO! I get full body blood test and urine test done before I touch a patient. If I go by what people say – I would never be able to treat their diseases.

The common sentences that I get to hear are like –

“ I am not stressed and I don’t eat sugar but still I have diabetes because everyone in my family has it”

“ I sleep and I sleep well but still I am constipated”

“I drink a lot of water and I think normal color of my urine is yellow”

“ I don’t eat anything oily and I maintain strict diet……my LDL cholesterol has always been like this”

I can go on ranting about my patients and their dialogues.  Each of my patient can recite the approximate calorie, fat, carbohydrates etc. of any food. They have already been to few of weight loss companies and have approximately 3 apps on food and calories on their phone.

When I ask people about their cravings and what they like to eat – most times people don’t know what they like to eat because their focus has been on eating healthy and suppressing their desire for food.

For e.g.  O+ is a gluten intolerant as a blood group and India is a wheat eating country so its difficult for the people to believe that they can eat rice and be healthy.

So, most O Blood group people will eat wheat even if their craving is for rice because Nutritional websites promote wheat and millets as healthy and rice as the weight gaining villain.


90% of my patients eat rice in India and do weight loss as its suitable as per the climate and 60% of the population in India is either O or B as blood group.

If people give up dieting, get rid of rigid standards of weight loss and concentrate eat normal Indian food – life would be simple.

Listening to your GUT helps the most – no doctor can heal you if you don’t know what you like to eat and what is your comfort food. When you ignore your inner voice and try to control things – you lose your mental peace and food cravings begin.

In India, most women ignore their inner voice of what they want from life and they concentrate more in terms of achieving what other people are busy achieving in life.

Most women struggle to accept their own body, own believes and own dreams …. And most of us don’t speak what we feel as we are good women.

Those suppressed emotions + low vitamin D3 + lack of sleep + constipation + dehydration  leads to weight gain.

Our food cravings are our source towards healing and it should not be suppressed or ignored or felt guilty to eat.

This is simple, beautiful and easy…..the beauty of eating what you crave instead of fighting yourself or over eat  – its easy to just eat.

I will talk more on this in coming articles and after you use this information – you will not feel like doing “dieting” again.


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