Menstruation, more commonly known as a “period” or “periods” is a normal, natural biological process occurring in females starting from their puberty, occurring throughout their reproductive age. A period, or menstruation, is the shedding of the endometrium - the uterine lining, followed by bleeding from the vagina for every 4 - 7 days each month.

Common Issues in PCOS

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Is PCOS permanently curable? I am on medication for PCOS for 10 years now

Is pcos permanently curable ? I am on different medications from 10 years . Now i am 22 yrs of age . What should i do now . Only exercise...

Going through irregular periods, pregnancy scare and PCOS

Problem/discontinuity starting from March 2015: I had my period during 2nd march’15 to 6th march...! On 29th march’15 I met my...

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Dr. Nidhi Desai

Womens Health Counselor

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Dr. Nita Thakre

Gynecologist / Obstetrician

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Dr. Kamini Patel

Gynecologist / Obstetrician

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Dr. Bhavi Mody

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