Vaginal Discharge and Infections

Sex and physical intimacy is one of the vital aspects in a couple’s relationship. Apart from being a way of expression and physical gratification of love between two people; sex has a considerable impact on an individual’s physical and emotional health.

Sexual incompatibility, lesser knowledge, having doubts or queries regarding sex and understanding possible consequences of sex is very common and one must seek relevant and authentic guidance for it. Safe sex, transparency and emotional cooperation between sexual partners, intimate health and hygiene are other important factors to keep a tab on, as it can affect one’s sexual and reproductive health in the long run.

Common Issues in Vaginal Discharge and Infections

Vaginal burning and pain not healed after 2 years, can I use vaginal pessaries

To anita shukla mam, Mam mere symptoms change nahi ho rahe hai 2saal baad bhi veginal pain burning ane stickey white discharge toh...

I am unmarried can I ask for a Pap test from doctor for vaginal pain and burning

Mam i am not married so how can i ask dr to do a pap smear test? And kya mai shadi kar sakti hu ? Kya veginal pain and burning ek...

Vaginal pain and burning sensation since past 1 year, urine reports normal

Kya veginal pain and burning ek saal se ho raha hai to kya theek ho sakta hai Maine bahot saare dr ko dikhaya pr sab mana kar rahe...

Discuss with Experts

Dr. Nidhi  Desai | OoWomaniya

Dr. Nidhi Desai

Womens Health Counselor

Dr. Nita  Thakre | OoWomaniya

Dr. Nita Thakre

Gynecologist / Obstetrician

Dr. Kamini  Patel | OoWomaniya

Dr. Kamini Patel

Gynecologist / Obstetrician

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क्या आप फलों को सही तरीक़े से खा रहे है? डॉ. आत्रेयी निहारचंद्रा का क्या कहना है फलों के सेवन को लेकर

क्या आप फलों को सही तरीक़े से खा रहे है? डॉ. आत्रेयी निहारचंद्रा का क्या कहना है फलों के सेवन को लेकर

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