Pregnancy Cravings – You Should Listen to Them


Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. But, it comes with various food cravings that are beyond control. This is quite a normal experience as the expecting mother undergoes many hormonal and bodily changes. Your cravings also depend on your mood, energy levels, and food preferences. You may feel to have a toast one day and the next; you may feel like having an entire pizza on your own. If you are a cheese lover, you may begin to despise it. Or you may get addicted to certain tastes and types of food than the usual.

Since everybody is different; there cannot be any comparison of what to expect from your cravings. It is healthy to eat cuisines which have nutritional value and which satisfy your cravings as well.

The ‘How’ and ‘When’ To Eat Guide

Young mothers often wonder what to do with their pregnancy cravings and what does it mean for the body developing a fetus? It simply means that your body is asking you to look at food in a particular way and to feed your body some handpicked items. Expecting mothers often have questions around what should be eaten, at what time, and in which proportion.


For example: for a person three pints of ice-cream would satisfy their cravings while for the other, it would be one pint. Therefore, there cannot be any count over who should eat what. One should just be mindful of eating food that adds some nutritional value to you and your baby.

The food you eat has a direct connection to the health of your baby. So if overall, you are having regular intake of balanced food, there is no harm in honoring your cravings. They are there for a reason and you ought to listen to them.

Different Cravings in Different Trimester

The first trimester isn’t easy as you crazy with your changing hormones. If you are someone who usually eats healthy food, it is okay to indulge in the cravings. During the first trimester, you will also develop a relationship with your cravings and once, you will begin friendship with them, you will be able to maintain a check. Not to forget the motion or morning sickness, you may feel during this phase.

The second trimester will be different because by now, you will have adjusted to the bodily changes. You will feel less tired and face less morning sickness. This is also the time when you hunger pangs will grow. The baby will start developing and this will require you to eat more – which is perfectly fine.

Third trimester will largely be like the second where you are more in control of your body. You will feel like a pro at managing these pregnancy cravings. Who knows, maybe it will be you – who would be writing an article of pregnancy cravings next!

Overall, you just need to focus on what your body require and follow accordingly.


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