Swimming During Periods?? YES Sure!!


If you love to swim, either on the beach or in a swimming pool, you may notice that once you are in the water during your period, it appears to stop. Ladies who swim on a regular basis, already know this well and they swim with all their heart being carefree.

For all those who don’t swim or are first timers, they wonder if they should learn swimming during periods should be a problem or should they get into pool during periods. Here is an important women’s healthcare tip. This is the point where you should ask your coach instead of taking the decision of not going to the pool or joining swimming classes and delay learning the sport by one month or months or years.

Believe me you are not alone – many women have faced this scenario and have asked me the same questions you are asking.

When you go for swimming during periods you will find that we don’t seem to bleed while in the water. It’s not


because our period bleeding stops in water (it’s a natural process where the coat on the uterus shed) it’s because we are already in water which creates a counter pressure due to which the menstrual flow is gridlocked (holds at one spot) and does not enter the water.

Now suppose you are floating or swimming,  the gravitational force is not felt in water as a result of which there is no menstrual flow coming out of the body and gets collected in the uterus till you stay in water.

So what happens when we come out of the water during periods?

If you are not confident about what I mentioned above about the grid locking of menstrual flow inside the water – it is always good and safe to wear a tampon before you enter the pool. If you don’t like tampons, consider using a menstrual cup. Tampons collect the menstrual fluid before it leaves your body. Same goes with a menstrual cup.

Don’t worry—you won’t be surrounded by a puddle of blood in the water!

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What happens when I pee in the water?

While a peeing in pool, is a huge NO, but let’s face it many of us still do it. But if you are wearing a tampon then the fluid will get collected / blocked by the tampon and you won’t pee a red pee.

What if the flow is heavy when I come out of the pool?

Yes, the flow will start once you come out of the pool. If you are wearing a pad or tampon then the fluid will get captured in which you can change when you reach the changing room.

“But I have a light color swim suit SO still there are chances that I will get a stain on it.” – NO you won’t stain. Menstrual flow is not like a tap water flow that will get flooded.

Professional swimmers wear light suits and they all are either using menstrual cups or tampons. Both are equally safe.

Some women even have sexual intercourse during menstruation and it is perfectly safe then why not swimming?

Swimming during periods may even help ease the shooting pain, menstrual cramps and exhaustion that women experience during their monthly periods. Regular swimming even regularizes the irregular period flow and cycles. Women with PCOS, PCOD and hypothyroidism should opt for regular swimming.


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